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Question that can help a lot.


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Well I'm a AutoIt programmer since a few years, but now I want to know how to do this things:

1. How can I do for look for the data of one process for searching the values in it?

EXAMPLE: In a videogame, the protagonist have an amount of health, and I need to know how much life he have for making one action or another. How can I do for obtaining this amount? (I can use Cheat Engine but I don't know what to do after that)

2. I need to have the progra making actions in some process but the window's process must to be minimized. How can I do for the program make actions in a minimized windows? (Functions: Send, PixelSearch and MouseClick)

I putted all this because I saw an AutoIt executable that can make actions in a minimized window, and now I need to make one for Firefox. If can someone help me I would appreciate it.

If someone wants to see the executable autoit that can make things in a minimized window I'll put the link.

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I read the rules, but I don't want to use the AutoIt script as a hacking program, I only putted that as an example (and the Cheat ENgine because I haven't any other program for look data process).

But well, if you can't help me I'll understand.

If you read the rules you would know we don't really care about your reasons and NO means NO.


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