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Automate PuTTY

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Hi everyone, I need to automate PuTTY, my team use it to connect via ssh to a unix machine and send commands to run processes.

I have already created a GUI to receive some input variables and then run the Putty. The thing is I don´t find the way to read the commands output, therefore there´s no way to know when a command execution ended (currently using Sleep) and there is no way to change the script flow based on command output.

I read something about plink, I'm not sure if a solution would be to write .bats with AutoIt and then run them, seems a little complicated.

Any help will be much welcomed


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Hello Mortecane, and welcome to the forums.

I use putty, simply for an interactive vt. It annoyed me that it does not accept alt-space to open the menu, so I made a hot-key function that right-clicks on the title-bar. On that menu there is 'copy all to clipboard', which you could use, followed by ClipGet, and you'd have your program's output.

Tomorrow I could get you my code, but it's easy and you can probably repeat it before then.


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