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Unhook joystick from external program's memory

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I have a very annoying problem of such of these bugging deceptions after deceptions that make you for some time very out of your mind.

I was planning to test and use my new video card Radeon 6750 HD (WAIT! The problem is not the video card itself, LOL) with a resource demanding game.

The cupon code I not easily give to the sapphire's site subscription made me very annoyed as it promised a great heavy 3D racing game (DirT3) through Steam and was unavailable as brazilian have pirated the idea (vomits!).

Then I had the idea of searching for a current times free 3D racing game and use too my old Bright USB wheel which is perfectly working.

The game I first game I tested was City Drift and I couldn't install it in XP SP3 x86 after many attempts (I may check that later). The second I tryed was Heat! Online (Project Torque's evolution) as it gave me error in installation asking for .net2.0 I decided as was going to to install 7 RTM x64, why would I slowdown my CPU?

After arranging the 7 RTM x64 DVD and installing and updating it in a previously set unnalocated space. I decided I was going to try instead another game which too needs the .net2.0, Extreme Velocity 3D (Street Challenge's evolution). 400MB+ executable.

After starting the game succesfully I had two big problems which made me give up on this game. 1st I entered practice mode and looked in the internet for help but still couldn't understand the controls at all (What the hell is a racing game you can't turn??). 2nd Where is the user friendly sense and the descent content on it, everything seems something near mess.

Then I decided to try Heat! Online (2,56BG+ executable) which was quite nice installing and starting in windows 7 x64, BUT even after SO MUCH TIRENESS the real problem I'm stuck now appeared.

It seems I cannot set any joystick functionality through keyboard emulation to the game without hacking. Even though that it works nicely (other windows) with these free x86 programs even in 7 x64 (except for "xRC"): JoyToKey(3.7.4), xpadder(5.3), JoystickCursorTool, JoyToAny and ControlMK. It seems this game hooks the joystick wheel when it's full screen window is active then any hotkeys set to the buttons fail.

There 4(or 8) buttons called digital axis buttons or by the programs, POV switches that the game don't recognize input and this workaround would be necessary. Maybe hacking the memory (handles and etc) would solve it if the game doesn't restore it many situations.

So how would I start?

Edit: WTS (What the shit) XP. It seems that the link to the game program was being executed with administrator rights and I could only make the game accept the workarounds by executing the programs (xpadder and etc) with adminstrator rights too. I don't need to do this hacking anymore XD.

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