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Using Pspad

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Hmm, abit embarrassed here B)

Anyways, here goes.

I'm using PSPad for most of my coding and general typing in text format.

Now I'm trying to get the syntax file which came with AutoIt3 b100 to work with PSPad. I've tried copying the included files (AutoIT3.DEF and AutoIt3.ini) into the folders under PSPad but it don't seem to work with the syntax highlighting.

Hopefully someone can help me with this annying little thing :whistle:

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you need to do the following:

- Tools/HighLighter settings

- in the left column select the first available "GENERAL"

- click on the tab "Specification"

- Specify the Helpfile and User Highlighter ( you should see it when you copied the syntax file to the right directory.)

thats all :whistle:

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I knew there was a simple way of doing it. :whistle:

Thanks alot JdeB. Worked perfectly B)

Thanks again.

Oh yeah, one more thing.

With CONText you can add the AutoIt compiler to the editor. Can that be done in PSPad aswell? So I can compile the script by clicking on a button or menu.

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