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Scite & Window(XP) language switching (other than default ENG window version)

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Wondering is there are others that might have encountered something similar with Scite(bare/org) or Scite4Autoit3. (or know how to get rid of it)

Working with a Dutch(NL)(+HP/Compact) Windows(XP-Pro) version. And normally I work in a added ENG language mode. But in rare cases Scite seems to switch to using the NL mode settings whiteout me actually switching the language mode myself.

In ENG language mode I can type quotes ['] and ["] without having to type a secondary character. And in NL mode I do have to type a additional character for the quote character so show up. (intentionally)

Normal/Intentionally switching between these modes works ok with Scite.

But on rare occasions Scite seems to switch from ENG to NL mode. As I suddenly have to type that secondary character for quotes to show up.

When this happens. Switching language modes also 'seems' to have stopped working. (well, no change in this quote typing behavior when I switch the language mode.)

Other than that Hibernation (and/or the screensaver) seems to play some part in this. I have not found anything useful/reproducible in relation to this behavior.

Not a big deal. Its rare and easily fixed with a Scite Restart. ... But just in case, as I don't mind getting rid of it.

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