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"Attach" Picture To GUI


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Hey all :graduated:

So I've built a little tool with a GUI, and I'm having problems with the pictures.

Right now there's something like this in the code (This is just an example for Start Button):

$Start = GUICtrlCreatePic("c:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\My Pictures\PlayButton.jpg", 155, 112, 45, 45)

The problem is that I need to define a specific location,

and the whole purpose of this script is that you will be able to use it on any computer.

Is there a way to "attach" the picture into the program?

Thank you ;)

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Have a look on 'FileInstall'.

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A little more advanced use of FileInstall()

$Logo_jpg = @TempDir & "\XPClean-logo.jpg" ; so the pics do not show in the script directory

FileInstall("C:\XPClean-web\Settings\XPClean-pics\XPClean-Main-Pic-Jpg.jpg", $Logo_jpg) ;source must be literal string

... Then use $Logo_jpg throughout your program.

... when the program ends you can use FileDelete($Logo_jpg) ...and the pic can not be found


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