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AutoIt v3.3.7.18 (Beta) Released

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Special Note: This is an official beta release but it is not digitally signed. Only Jon has the certificate used for digital signatures and the last time I checked I was not Jon. (26th September, 2011 (Beta)


- Added #1947: CHM help files now have a Forward button.

- Added #1813: Better cross referencing for Int() and Mod().

- Added: Something resembling complete documentation for ObjCreateInterface().

- Fixed: IE click action on a form submit button works again.


- Added #1890: Better cross-referencing for _WinAPI_GetParent() and _WinAPI_GetAncestor().

- Fixed #1975: IE.au3 used old names returned from ObjName(). Fixes _IELoadWait() hang.

- Fixed #1933: URL used in _GetIP() was out-of-date.

- Fixed #2001: Example for _GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonText() did not work correctly.

- Fixed #1994: Documentation for _ScreenCapture_Capture() and _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd() incorrectly stated the functions had no return value. Moved information from Remarks up to Return area.

- Fixed #1948: Documentation for _GUICtrlButton_SetImage() had the wrong description.

- Fixed #1985: _IECreate() now ensures focus is given to the document when an about URI is loaded (such as about:blank). IE9 gives focus to the URL bar which can cause later issues setting focus to elements.

- Changed: _IEFormElementSetValue() examples #3 removed (login to Hotmail).

- Changed: _IEFormElementSetValue() examples #4 and #5 (now #3 and #4) use the text input instead of the file input. The file input is read-only on IE9 so the Send()/ControlSend() produced no results.

ObjCreateInterface() now has documentation. Test it out! Report any bugs, questions, et cetera so we can get it finalized.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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