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Server Emulation, Example Scripts, etc.

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So it's been a really long time since I've been on this forum and I was wondering if there was still interest in a project I started five years back called AutoIt ITS.

I plan to get back into the swing of things and totally revamp it, and I stumbled upon my old archive in my Files folder. There's some interesting stuff but I don't have the time to dig around in it so I'm posting it here and if anyone wants to check it out, feel free. There's some TCP UDP server functionality, a little research into WinSock, a AutoIt Database/Server (SQL emulation), TCP Port Tester, IpScout, Hex Converter, Queue/Priority Status on Functions. Most of the scripts probably need to be GuiUpdated too, because this was back in '06.

ITS was an attempt at an AutoIt Instant Messaging server with combined functions of radio, sms, etc.... I'm leaning towards just an IM service because it got too complicated. I hope to make a better impression than my previous explorations with AutoIt because in earlier times I was not the best.

Be good to yourselves.

That's all for now.


<removed> - Server Stuff

<removed> - My other various scripts

Basic Server, Memory Statistics, Monitor Blank/Unblank, Process List and Detection, BlackJack, DNA Converter, Neopet Bot, WoW Fisher, etc. Simple Stuff

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