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Reading Checkbox state


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Hi Everybody

I've been using autoit for a while now and could always find help on my own but now I'm having a problem and don't know any possible solution.

In the attached file you can see what I'm talking about. I need to read out the status of all the checkboxes in the list and then either, check or uncheck them depending if they already are. I tried quite a few solutions but it seems theres not much you can do with SysListView32 Windows. I dont care if there's a lot of code just need anyway to make this possible.


My first try was with "down, down, down, space" and so on. The problem ist that there is different checkboxes selected for each blackberry I need to prepare so it would send space to a checkbox that is already selected and uncheck it.


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The main problem is Au3Info.exe can only see the whole sysliestview32 windows but not the single instances inside.

Check the first Pic see the black border around the whole table. tool.

Posted Image

In the second picture i can get an instance with the infotool

Posted Image

I even tried some sort of autoit controls enumerator, this is all i got

[0]|Handle|Classname|Control ID|Iteration|Title/Text
[4]|0x001606AC|Static|8003|1|System Software for the BlackBerry Smartphone
[7]|0x001A06FA|Static|8103|3|Total application space:  132074 K
[10]|0x000F0718|Button|8109|4|Li&st additional applications that are installed on the connected device
[13]|0x00050314|Static|65535|5|Please wait while the Application Loader Wizard retrieves and examines your device's current configuration.
[14]|0x000F0304|Static|8041|6|Read application configuration
[15]|0x0007037C|Static|8042|7|Read device system configuration
[16]|0x0006031E|Static|8043|8|Read device service information
[27]|0x00060316|Static|-1|16|Select the communication port to which your device is connected, or check the "Detect" box to scan for the port automatically.
[29]|0x000902D6|ComboBox|8001|1|USB-PIN: 27C78943
[30]|0x00050380|Button|8061|5|&Detect communication port
[31]|0x0005038C|Static|8060|18|Connecting to the device (JVM)...
[33]|0x000802B4|Static|65535|19|This wizard will guide you through the process of adding, removing and updating application programs installed on your BlackBerry Wireless Device.
[34]|0x000802BE|Static|8035|20|Welcome to the Application Loader Wizard
[35]|0x00050396|Static|65535|21|Please ensure that your device is securely connected to your computer, and press Next to begin.
[40]|0x00050322|Button|12323|6|< &Back
[41]|0x00050320|Button|12324|7|&Next >

I just can't get the IDs for the individual checkboxes

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I might be mistaken, but I don't think the AutoItWindowInfo typically exposes the IDs of individual line items of a ListView. That's why you would use the _GUICtrlListView_* functions. Once you have the handle for the ListView, you'll need to use functions like the _GUICtrlListView_GetItemCount, _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText, etc. They will let you iterate through those individual items, check their state, and change it, if necessary.

Hope this helps.

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