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Ping not responding correct.

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When I'm trying to ping a device in my script I keep getting a error code #4 from ping. Even though in dos it pings fine..

What would make the ping in the script stop working.. If I start a tottally new script it works fine..

Func _RA2011_UpdatedRecords()
$Recordset.Open("Needtoupdate", $Connection)
With $Recordset
  While Not .EOF
   $device = .Fields("Device").Value
   $var = Ping($device, 1500)
   If $var Then; also possible:  If @error = 0 Then ...
    MsgBox(0, "Status", "Online, roundtrip was:" & $var)
    MsgBox(0, "Status", "An error occured with number: " & @error)
   MsgBox(0, "info", "Device: " & $device & " IP: " & $IP & " Ping: " & $var)
   _update_devices($Founddomain, $device, $Ping)
   If WinActive("RA2012  'Remotely Assited'", "") Then
    GUICtrlSetData($Edit, "Activity found on pc. Stopping update." & @CRLF, 1)
EndFunc   ;==>_RA2011_UpdatedRecords

This is so freaking simple what in Autoit would cause it to stop. If I use the $device that comes back from a query it returns the device name perfect and sets it as $device which works. But if I use

that in the PING line it doesn't... If I don't use the $device at all or any other variable in there and just type it in like "pc001" then ping works again ???? WTF?


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I’ll bet it’s a nonprintable character related problem. Try to strip some basic nonprintable characters from the $device variable using the following code


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Well HOLLY ....... :graduated: ....... that worked.... I tried a msgbox , I tried a inputbox .. it looked perfect never showed a thing.. Finally someone thinking way outside the box.. Thank you Thank you..

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