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How do I read data from an active program?


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Hi, my original question my not even be valid, but my idea is.. basically I have a headset (Logitech g930) that gives estimated charge and estimated discharge times.

I have countdown times for my battery and temp readouts in my taskbar (I am a minimalist, hate widgets) and I thought it would be nice to make a little countdown timer, or any kind of simple, minimalist readout that tells me how charged or discharged my headset is.

So, that is the idea, there is a program that comes with the headset that gives estimated charge time and discharge time but the UI is really clunky and useless and the program doesn't even have a minimize button...

Might anyone suggest functions, ideas, or courses of action for me to take?

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Good day :graduated:

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Oh, I feel I was slightly unclear.

As a clarifying note: it would be nice to create such a program without even utilizing Logitech's software, by just somehow reading some output port somewhere in my computer that has the data I want... I mean, their program has to get it somehow.

But if I cannot do that, my original question stands.

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