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Guest Dygeric

Color Identification Script!

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Guest Dygeric

Hello all,

I am trying to make a script so that if a certain color is detected on the screen, It shuts off a process, sure sure it works, when the color is SUPER OBVIOUS like WHITE, or BLUE, I am trying to be as specific as I can, but it doesnt work. Me and friends play this game call Dark Ages, It literally looks like a Gameboy Advanced Game, but there is a political system in the game and if you "sleephunt" (level your skills IF your not at your PC) is illegal. And if a RANGER finds you (Players appointed by the GM's) you get a nasty arrest mark that prevents you from doing certain things in the game. Now, rangers wear this shiny gold armor before they start the arrest process, I want the script to find the color of the armor and close the process darkages.exe, I got it to work but aparently its not very good at finding specific colors. Heres the code I've wrote so far.

$coord = PixelSearch( 0,0, @desktopwidth, @desktopheight, 0x0884EF, 0, 50 )
If not @error Then

The color code is green in this case and it resembles green from this screen shot (its in the attatchments "Green.bmp") The grass in there is what I am trying to TEST for now.

The ranger armor looks like in the attatchment RangerTabard.gif.

When I change the color to white, and I open notepad for example, it automatically detects the White in notepad and closes Darkages.exe (thats the process's name). But when I try the grass or pretty much ANY color in that screen shot it wont do what its suppose to!

Please help.

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