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help with sorting listview

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I am trying to make this as simple as i can and i need help

I have GUI with $results= listview

$GUIGetMsg = guigetmsg()

If $GUIGetMsg = GUICtrlRead (GUICtrlRead ($Results)) Then
        _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack($Results, False)
        $Selected = _GUICtrlListView_GetSelectedColumn ($Results) ;column index
        _GUICtrlListView_SortItems ($Results,$Selected);Sort

Not sure how to modify this code to sort my columns

It keeps sorting them not sure in what order in a loop, because this part of the script is in main GUI loop (i bet you noticed $GUIGetMsg = guigetmsg() )

\Can anyone help ?

Thanks in advance

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never mind, got it.

_GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack($Results) ;before loop

If $GUIGetMsg = $Results Then _GUICtrlListView_SortItems($Results, GUICtrlGetState($Results)) ; inside loop

can MODS delete this post

But then on this note, Help file needs to be edited since it says sorting is not supported.

Edited by dirty

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