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Hi I'm new !

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I got the idea to try autoit from this post:


So this thing takes it's own scripting language that's kinda like php mixed with vbs ?

(just guessing here)

So are there some examples of what this kinda things autoit is used for?

(I just got here and speak out of pure ignorance. plz be patient thx)

Well here are some pending projects of mine. I don't know if autoit will help but that's what I'm here to find out :D

1.) Restart my bots when they crash. Or do other stuff with bots on the bot's events. like starting exes (etc)

(channel moderation bot for a warcraft iii clan on battle.net)

2.) A more user friendly keypress thing for warcraft games.

3.) Keypress thing that would copy a password displayed on the screen (perhaps by parsing the replay) and would press the keys on the screen to enter the password (esp for a wc3 game called 'dark deeds 6')

4.) wc3 replay parser especially dota (a wc3 game .. www.dota-allstars.com)

5.) Little bot people can use that's alot like the banlist bot (just alot simpler and one all systems can use) (www.wc3banlist.de)

Yep so blizzard games have been my playground for scripting as a hobby.

I just can't wait to get started with w/e kinda language this is :evil:


These emoticons r neat. Who makes these ? :)

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