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It is just a joke I made in a moment of boredom...

Activate this in some unknowing user... It should be fun, and of course unharmful...

If you want add your prank, no problem, just increase the max random number and make subrutines with the number as name...

BTW, please do not make harmful joke... it is fun until no damage is done. So, please, no !{f4}, winkill and so go on...

Edit: Code deleted. Please don't post scripts like this. They might be fun but they are easily changed into something nasty and then AutoIt gets class as a virus/trojan again.



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Any need to train script kiddies ? Interested that A2/A3 will be named in a PC Magazine for that reason ???


My colleagues from Desktop Support would love you for that "funny" advice B) . They won't deal with identifying such an "error", they have to reimage a box to save time (and money). Hopefully no one will ever held you responsible of wasting someones time or money.

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This is topic 1337

.. and you felt the need to tell us ... :whistle:

By the way.. Nehterlands is spelled like: Netherlands :)

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