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I just created a program where you can save files and write passwords in a generic script and compile.

Here the link to the installer and source: (sorry its tripod I cant afford my own host)


Well apparently .exes cant be loaded ANYWHERE, so to run it download and compile the source codes below, and add aut2exe compiler in the folder with e.ico:






So download these files, compile main cipher and agent encrypt and add the Autoit bin file, upx.exe and aut2exe.exe in the same dir and run, sorry for the mishap but fileman wont allow exes either


Agent Encrypt 1.0
By Max Gardner(AutoIt Smith)

Purpose : 
    To allow others to learn from a otherwise pointless program in which you can encode passwords and safe files safely so no one can find them.

How To Use :
    This program will create an excutable based on pre-arranged information.  If you wish to add a file that you want no one to find, do so by using the Add tab.  Add passwords by checking the checkboxes.

Ciphering Passwords :
    Pre built ciphers will be released if others prefer, just load main cipher.exe and it will encode your password so even if someone breaks down the program they never know your password.

Save File Name :
    Save files do not allow spaces, please make a normal name like blah with out any extension at all. You can then rename it after words.  Just run the excutable and put in the password you predefined and it will install the file into the old location.

While this idea may be stupid it may be a great way for some people to learn.

Hope you all like!

Edited by AutoIt Smith
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