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AutoIt is not identfying the objects

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I am new to AutoIt Tool, sry if am asking some stupid question

When I am trying to automate my application, Its not identifying the objects, cos of this am unable to proceed vth my testing.

Please see the screenshot, Autoit is just identifying the window CalTest, but its not identifying the CalMaster root element. When I try to see the properties through AutoIt Info, Its not identifying that object.

In my application, i need to perform mouse right click operation on the inside object,

Below way is the how i tried.

I have activated CalTest window, then mouse right click,----while running these steps, Its activating the window, n doing right click on outer window, but I need to right click on Inside object, How to perform this?




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when you say "Its not identifying the objects", I assume you tried using the AutoItv3 Window Info, but it was not able to select CalMaster. Is it a control? You said "CalMaster root element". Is it some kind of custom treeview?

I have found that the Window Info app is not always able to select the objects I need it to report on. But that does not mean that AutoIT can't see them. It just means that you need to take a guess at its ControlID value. My guess is that it's the first instance in the window, and that it's some kind of SysTreeview32, so I'd give it the ID "[CLASS:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE:1]". If it is a treeview, and if the root item is at the top left of the treeview, you could try this:

; get the coordinates of the treeview into array $arControlPosition
Dim $arControlPosition = ControlGetPos ( "CalTest", "", "[CLASS:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE:1]" )
; use the left and top coordinates of the control, click a little more inside it
MouseClick ( "right", $arControlPosition[0] + 10, $arControlPosition[1] + 10 )

Good luck!

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