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Search and replace in a binary file


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Hi everyone. I'm a game translator and i'm looking for a script the let me search for a determinate string inside a binary file, and replace the entries with another entrie with same number of bytes. Example: search in a binary file for any entrie: .subb and replace with .tdr0. I need it to force a game to load my translation MOD from folder, instead the original file. I have a script but it have 2 problems. First, it search and replace only the first entrie found, and I need a script to search in the whole file and replace all found entries. Second problem is memory allocating. The one of the files that I need to search and replace inside of it has more than 500 mb. Anyway to do this without load the whole file in ram?

Here my fail script:

$sInFile = @ScriptDir & "\COMMON0.POD" ; Original in file
$sFind = "2e73756262" ; .subb hex to find
$sReplace = "2e74647230" ; .tdr0 hex to replace
$sOutFile = @ScriptDir & "\NEW_COMMON.POD" ; New edited out file
_BinaryReplace($sInFile, $sFind, $sReplace, $sOutFile)
Func _BinaryReplace($sInFile, $sFind, $sReplace, $sOutFile)
    Local $FO, $FR
    $FO = FileOpen($sInFile, 16) ; Open the file in binary read mode
    $FR = FileRead($FO) ; Read the opened file into a variable
    FileClose($FO) ; Close the opened file now we've read it
    $FR = StringReplace($FR, $sFind, $sReplace, 1); find and replace the hex string
    $FO = FileOpen($sOutFile, 18) ; Open a new empty file in binary write mode
    FileWrite($FO, $FR) ; Write the data to the new opened file
    FileClose($FO) ; Close the newly created file.

If anyone can write me a better script with command line options, it will be great. In the command line I can put the text to find and the text to replace making the script a universal script to search and replace.

Thank you in advance...

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Yes, but I need a tool to auto do it in installation time. Because of this i'm asking here for help. My translation are distributed with installer, and no way to put inside of it a 500 mb file. But if anyone can help, no problem.

Thank you.

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