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change guictrlsetimage icon size ?


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GUICtrlSetImage (-1,@TempDir & "\" & $Iconname,'',2)

2 does not seem to set it to its right dimensions.

Icon is assigned to each generated listviewitem

but always same size, i think 16x16 and i want it to be bigger but changing icontype to 2 has no effect

HELP !!!

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loading new image is use the current dimension of control .

to use icon dimension resize your control :

#include <GDIPlus.au3>


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its not possible for me to get the control ID for an image. Its in the list view one of hundred items and none of them are created as a variable.

I do edit them by their index, but not the ID

Here is what i have

GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($GetNameFromResult & "|" & $GetCountFromResult & "|" & $GetNumberFromResult & "|" & $GetMFGFromResult & "|" & $GetCategoryFromResult & "|" & $GetLocationFromResult & "|" & $GetImagePathFromResult & "|" & $GetMFDPathFromResult & "|" & $GetCountSheetFromResult & "|" & $FixStringForNote, $Results)

GUICtrlSetImage(-1, @TempDir & "\" & $Iconname, '', 2) ;Uses -1 since above has no variable

Here i need to edit the above image size. 2 stands for normal, but its still small. I wish there was size parameters in the above function.

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