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Nees help with binary resources


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I'm using the resources UDF to create the following little program.

I need to include a binary datafile called pattern.dat.

This pattern file has to be processed afterwards which I want to do via resources.au3.

Since it is not possible to write the pattern.dat to disk I want to read the data directly from

the resources section.

;------ Include the resulting pattern.dat from the sensoring device
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add=pattern.dat, rt_rcdata, PATTERN
#include "resources.au3"
global $Chunk = _ResourceGetAsString("PATTERN", $RT_RCDATA)
;global $Chunk  = _ResourceGetAsBytes("PATTERN", $RT_RCDATA)
for $i=1 to StringLen($Chunk) step 32
     ;------ Send to Transfer unit via TCP
     ;ActivateTranferUnit ($evalpart)
     ;------ Debugging only 
     FileWriteLine(@ScriptDir & "\evalsteps_debug.txt",$evalpart)

However neither _ResourceGetAsString nor ResourceGetAsBytes seems to return

the original data stream.

So far all resources samples I found are saving the data to disk. Bit how can I get a

variable filles with the included stream similar to FileRead()?

Can anyone give me advice how to solve this.

Kristo :graduated:

Edited by kristo

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What is file size?

Can you see PATTERN resource in compiled EXE by Reshacker?

What @error codes returns _ResourceGetAsString()?

Post your file.

Hi Zedna!

Yes, I can see the PATTERN resource with ResHacker.exe

ErrorCode is 0, the resulting file size is 4 bytes, which explains why there's nothing for me to evaluate.

I attached one of the pattern files for you.


Cheap, Fast, Good - Choose any two

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Hey Zedna,

I think I found the problem within the Resource UDF.

Seems that the 'byte' structure stops when encountering zeros.

So I added a new function: _ResourceGetAsUByte.

Func _ResourceGetAsUByte($ResName, $ResType = 10, $ResLang = 0, $DLL = -1) ; $RT_RCDATA = 10
Local $ResPointer, $ResSize, $struct
$ResPointer = _ResourceGet($ResName, $ResType, $ResLang, $DLL)
If @error Then
  SetError(1, 0, 0)
  Return ''
$ResSize = @extended
$struct = DllStructCreate("ubyte[" & $ResSize & "]", $ResPointer)
Return DllStructGetData($struct, 1) ; returns string

Now it works as intended. Hope this helps improving the resources UDF :graduated:


Kristo ;)

Cheap, Fast, Good - Choose any two

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