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Autoit and MsiSetExternalUI/MsiSetExternalUIRecord

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I'm using an Autoit script to perform some housekeeping tasks before launching an MSI installer.

I used to do this all silently, but now I'm being asked to expose some basic progress UI. I already have a progress bar for my housekeeping tasks, but now I'd like to grab progress information from the MSI install process to keep the progress bar incrementing during the install rather than have it jump from 50% to 100% with a lengthy delay. I could cheat and just put the progress bar on a timer for the MSI portion, but that's not very elegant.

I did some googling and found that MsiSetExternalUI or MsiSetExternalUIRecord can be used to grab progress info from the MSI install process, but not I'm not very experienced with C/C# programming. Not averse to learning, but I was hoping someone had some sample Autoit integration code they could share to speed my learning.

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I would think doing everything properly through the MSI would be easier. You can use Wix and Orca, if you want something free, or AdminStudio if your company is willing to pay for a professional product. I would import your pre- or post- installation scripts as custom actions in the MSI and then simply run the MSI with the minimal UI interface. Windows Installer keeps track of the progress for you.

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