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Need help with Text To Speech output format


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I am trying to store a text to speech output using SAPI.SpVoice to a WAV file.

I have managed to do so, only the output format is too low in quality.

I have tried browsing MSDN for some answers, but couldn't figure out how to set the output format using AutoIt

Here is what I have, would appreciate any help.

$tts = ObjCreate( "SAPI.SpVoice" )
$Text = "Testing 1 2 3"
; Speak aloud
$tts.Speak( $Text )
; Prepare file output stream
$Stream = ObjCreate( "SAPI.SpFileStream" )
$Stream.Open( "test.wav", 3, true )
; Need to set format here (to SPSF_44kHz16BitMono? )
; $fmt = ObjCreate( "SAPI.SpeechAudioFormatInfo" )
; Save wave file
$tts.AudioOutputStream = $Stream
$tts.Speak( $Text )
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