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RunAs with functions


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Dear Script Experts,

Please, assist me to make the below code running.. I would like to run some app by logon script from the nearest domain controller, but fail. If I specify a domain cotroller explicitly - it works fine, but this code "@LogonServer & "\NETLOGON\PC\H\go.exe"" does not work... Thanks in advance!!

$UserID = "XXX";

$Password = "XXX";

RunAs ($UserID,@LogonDomain,$Password,0, @LogonServer & "\NETLOGON\PC\H\go.exe");

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Hi and Welcome to the forums!!

Maybe @LogonServer isn't what you think it is? Have you made sure?

You could show it with a MsgBox() or ConsoleWrite() (shows at the bottom of SciTE).


MsgBox(0, "", @LogonServer & "\NETLOGON\PC\H\go.exe")

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Does @LogonServer contain a space perhaps?

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