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I use Microsoft Access to send automated emails to our employees to have them update information. They update their info and then submit it back and Outlook writes the changes to the Access Database automatically. This feature works really well and allows about 400 people to submit daily updates.

I'd like to automate this task using AutoIt so that the emails are sent before we arrive at work daily, otherwise, people are waiting on me in the morning and I don't want to use mouse clicks due to the unrelabable nature of them over time.

The issue is that I need to click on the External Data tab, then click on the table with my data to highlight it, then click on Create E-mail (on the ribbon). I can't figure out how to tell it to highlight my table name tbl_calls_to_make. If I could get the curser to focus on the All Access Objects window (OMain class), then I could issue x number of tabs to get there I guess, but I can't get Access to switch to that class (it stays on the splash form).

I think I can get everything else to work from this point forward. Any suggestions on how to highlight the table name would be greatly appreciated.

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