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How can I input pre-defined text into a certain field, then for the script to click a button. To be more specfic: Once this application is open I would like to input "SET USERSTATUS AWAY" in the command line field then for the "Send Comand" button to be clicked (or just "Enter" keyboard input would do?)

AutoIT Window Info for command line field on API:

Basic Window Info

Title: Skype Protocol Tracer

Class: TFormViewer.UnicodeClass

Basic Ontrol Info

Call: Edit

Instance: 1

AutoIT Window Info for "Send Command" button

Basic Window Info

Title: Skype Protocol Tracer

Calss: TFormViewer.UnicodeClass

Basic Control Info

Class: TTntButton.UnicodeClass

Instance: 7

Hope you can help, I have had a look around to see how it can be done but unfortuantly my AutoIT scripting is VERY limited! Thanks! :graduated:

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3 main functions you will need to look into - WinActive (or WinExists), ControlSend and ControlClick

With that placed either in a Do... Until WinExists loop or a While 1... Wend loop.



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