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Gimagex in Windows PE 3.0


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I'm in the process of upgrading our Windows PE images from 2.0 to 3.0. My problem is that I've created a fresh PE image and added gimagex to it. I boot to the PE image and gimagex comes up fine. My problem is that I do not get prompted for credentials. The destination where I want to capture the image to requires specific credentials, but I'm not asked for them and always get "Error: Unable to write to <location>." On the old PE 2.0 there were 3 tabs and the first tab was for you to map a drive. This gimagexv2 doesn't have that "Drive Map" tab. I've tried to put the old gimagex from the 2.0 image into the 3.0 image and everything appears fine except when I click to Capture, I get the message below:

Window Name is "AutoIT Error"

Line 0 (File "X:\Windows\gimagex\gimagex.exe"):

$ret = RunWait($sCmd, @WorkingDir, @SW_SHOW)

Error: Unable to exectue the external program.

The system cannot find the file specified.


What would be nice would be to have the new version of gimagex work in the Windows PE 3.0 image and have it look like the old gimagex (just the 3 tabs) since the 3 tabs are all we've ever needed/used.

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Ok, I found my issue(s). I did not have imagex.exe in the same folder. Once I moved that in there, it was fine...well, it kept dying on me and I realized that I had modified the gimagex.ini file to be "Destination=.wim" so that the technicians don't have to wipe out "MyWim.wim", but I accidentally wiped out the drive letter to. It should've been "Destination=M:\.wim". It would start, then a cmd window would flash really fast and I kept getting glimpses of an error. After about 20 times, I put together that it was saying something about "not enough space"....so I figured I needed to look at the drive where the destination was pointing. That's when I realized that I messed up the .ini by completely removing the driver letter. Anyway, it's working.

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