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Problem with Edit on Form image with transparent background


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(Google translation)

Hello all,

I always look for how to use background images transparent in my Form, and be able to add images on top.

I saw a lot of the script above is there is always something that stuck.

After my research I saw LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.5 is exactly the kind of script that I want to graph.

I dissected the script did tests, I got it basically how to use it.

My problem is a line 432, I added an Edit and when it fills the Edit and scroll bar is activated, if I add one more line and I go back through the early scrollbar script still freeze several seconds.

And I dry for a while.

If one of you knows how to fix this, thank you to him.



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I found the solution, it seems to me, but it creates other problems.

By changing the line 372 by adding $ WS_EX_COMPOSITED

$ CONTROL_GUI = GUICreate ("LinuxLive USB Creator", 450, 750, 5, 7, $ WS_POPUP, BITOR ($ WS_EX_LAYERED, $ WS_EX_MDICHILD, WS_EX_COMPOSITED $), $ GUI)

The Edit now works correctly, but the image and to reduce the Form flashing to exit, and the images below have disappeared.

Arrggghhhh !!!!!


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