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[Solved] ControlSend - MSN


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Using the code

Controlclick("Windows Live Messenger","","[CLASS:DirectUIHWND; INSTANCE:2]","Left",1,113,25)

It clicks the My user-name within the application bringing down "Avaiable, Away, Busy, Appear Offline" etc etc

I then use

ControlSend("[CLASS:DirectUIHWND; INSTANCE:0]", "", "Button", "{DOWN}")

ControlSend("[CLASS:DirectUIHWND; INSTANCE:0]", "", "Button", "{ENTER}")

To send it down 1, and click enter setting me to online but nothing happens. Now i can see the control click working, so the problem is with the controlsend. I have i just coded somethig wrong or used the wrong names ?

Also when i use the Info tool on the steams friend window, I get almost no information back. Does this mean controlclick cant work for this application?

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sorry if i'm wrong (noob here)

but if u've already got the "menu" ( "Available, Away, Busy, Appear Offline" ) selected cant u just Send{"DOWN"} Send{"SPACE"} or similar

Controlclick("Windows Live Messenger","","[CLASS:DirectUIHWND; INSTANCE:2]","Left",1,113,25)
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