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AutoIt v3.3.7.20 (Beta) Released


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Special Note: This is an official beta release but it is not digitally signed. Only Jon has the certificate used for digital signatures and the last time I checked I was not Jon. (22nd October, 2011 (Beta)


- Added: "struct" as DllCall and InterfaceDispatch data type.

- Fixed #1519, #1694: Int() and Number() returning wrong.

- Changed: Dec() and Hex() work with 64bit integers.

- Removed: Int() and Hex() no longer set @error.

The following changes are script breaking changes:


  • ObjName() has had a number of bug fixes and changes that may affect data returned. Built-in UDFs have been changed to accomodate this but custom scripts may need to be edited.
  • ObjEvent() AutoIt.Error objects no longer have Raise() or Clear() methods and the properties are read-only.
  • Int() and Hex() no longer set @error.

ObjCreateInterface() now has documentation. Test it out! Report any bugs, questions, et cetera so we can get it finalized.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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