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moving an image problem


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all i wanted to do was move an image across the screen SMOOTHLY! first i tried a splash screen with a pixel move over and a 10ms sleep time but that was way too choppy so i had to resort to this nasty little image jumping splash screen... would there be a better way to move that image in a gui? i just want to move a few images from the extent of the right side to the left side.

For $i = 1 to iniread($db,"geninfo","numinages","10") Step 1
scrollsplash(@scriptdir & iniread($db,"image" & $i,"file","NA"),iniread($db,"image" & $i,"width","NA"),iniread($db,"image" & $i,"height","NA"),[COLOR=red]2500[/COLOR])

func scrollsplash($file,$picwidth,$picheight,$sleepval)
For $i = @DesktopWidth + 1 to 0-$picwidth Step -200
SplashImageOn ( "you shouldnt see this!",$file,$picwidth,$picheight,$i,-1,1)
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