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Automatically upload files to FTP server


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Hi Team,

I have 200 images files on my webserver. I would like to move 10 files to a particular folder in my webserver every Sunday automatically.

Is this possible using AutoIT? if so can you please guide me to the right directions?

FTP.au3 didn't work for me. I tried the following to test if I can atleast access the web folder.

#Include <FTP.au3>

const $Host = 'mydomain'

const $Login = 'myusername'

const $Password = 'mypassword'

local $hFtp, $hSession, $hFind, $tFind


$hFtp = _FTP_Open('MyFtp')

$hSession = _FTP_Connect($hFtp, $Host, $Login, $Password)

$tFind = DllStructCreate($tagWIN32_FIND_DATA)

$hFind = _FTP_FileFindFirst($hSession, '', $tFind)

while not @error

ConsoleWrite(DllStructGetData($tFind, 'FileName') & @CR)

_FTP_FileFindNext($hFind, $tFind)






It gave me error:

C:\Users\FTP.au3 (296) : ==> Can not redeclare a constant.:

global const $FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE = 0x0020

global const ^ ERROR

>Exit code: 1 Time: 0.318

Awaiting your response!


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Do you have the include line "#Include <FTP.au3>" repeated somewhere? Because the code you posted doesn't contain that Global variable, so it would have to be happening inside the UDF. Where did you get FTP.au3 from?


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