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get a md5 or sha1 hash of a file

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I have been doing the googlinginging for hours now and cant find any method in autoit to get an md5/sha1/sha256 hash of a file.

I need an md5 checksum of a file generated from an av site like virustotal to match a file ill be viewing and see if they are the same and for example run another func () if it is or exit the program if its not a 100% match

i did find this in c++

#include <openssl/md5.h>
QByteArray AESWrapper::md5 ( const QByteArray& data) {
unsigned char * tmp_hash;
tmp_hash = MD5((const unsigned char*)data.constData(), data.length(), NULL);
return QByteArray((const char*)tmp_hash, MD5_DIGEST_LENGTH);

but for the project im working on it needs to be in autoit for a number of reasons

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