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update the setup packages and silent install after windows 7 installation

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Hi All

first, insert dvd for windows 7 installation.

then, install windows 7.

then, before the desktop appears , run autoit script --> (update my apps and install them silent)

my apps : 7zip ,firefox ,k-lite codec ,skype ,foxit reader and .net freamework 4

Thanks you so much :D !

sorry for my bad english :oops:

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So you want to install Windows 7, download apps from the internet and install them before the desktop appears? What if there are no network drivers loaded? Also, you would be installing them with a registry entry RunOnce. By the time RunOnce kicks in, the desktop will be loaded. What about the links to the installers? Most programs have their version numbers as part of the installer. You wouldn't be able to download the latest version if you are hard linking to a specific version.

#include <ByteMe.au3>

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Sorry I can't understand some of what you said

I want this , ( I Use Widnows 7 Toolkit )

check if the internet is connected if this "true" then update the setup packages and install them

if "false" then just install the apps that already exists on DVD

i try " Ketarin" that great program but it doesn't work with windows 7 setup

I'm sorry, I disturbed you

But I search for a solution to this problem a month ago, but I did not find a solution :D

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if you want to automate install of software before oobe you should create a generalised syspreped image using sysprep and set it to go to audit mode. In audit mode you have a script which will do your install setup bypassing uac as admin user. At the end of that script should be a command to run sysprep oobe.

I'm sure you will research YouTube how to do this. Thanks

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