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Ajax query

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That is my html:

<form id="price20" onsubmit="xajax_listResearches(1,1,xajax.getFormValues('price20'));SetFocusTop(); return false;">
<input type="hidden" name="build_id" value="20"/>
<span class="button">
<button type="submit" value="Badanie" title="Badanie" name="in" tabindex="5">

I want to make this ajax query without clicking submit button. How can I make it?

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Wrong website I think. This is for AutoIt, not HTML or Ajax....


if you wish to use AutoIt to perform this action, then look into writing a script with the IE functions in the helpfile. There's some that will autoclick for you.

If you aren't using Internet Explorer, then we'll have to figure out a workaround and see if ControlClick or some other mouse-click function will work.

*another edit*

_IEFormSubmit might work in this case. If you are familiar with AutoIt, try it out. If not, check out the helpfile and the tutorials to get the hang of it. try a small script and feel free to ask questions if you get stuck :D

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Of course I would like to make it in AutoIt using Internet explorer :D The main problem is that this form shows up only after a click on the flash object. That's why I don't want to submit this form but only execute this script :oops:

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