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Reading AutoIT Commandlines from ini-File


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Hello all,

i´m shure you could bring a little light into the dark and help me with my problem.

I´m working on a project to build a simple wrapper for our software-deployment. The script is supposed to show a small gui that waits for user input when to install new software and executes the steps of the installation afterwards.

The gui is working pretty good and i came up with the idea to write all installation-commands into a separate ini-file. That way, i only have to write my sourcecode into the ini and do not have to compile the wrapper again for every new piece of application.

my ini-file ISG_SCCM_Setup.ini has this section:

Install first application=RunWait(@Scriptdir&'\setup.exe /S')
Install second application=RunWait(@Scriptdir&'\msiexec.exe /i someapp.msi /q')
Do some cleanup=Filedelete(@Programfilesdir&'\Someapp\text.txt')

Using this code, i read the steps of installation and execute them afterwards, showing a small messagebox to the user:

$installsteps = IniReadSection(@ScriptDir& "\ISG_SCCM_Setup.ini", "installsteps")
For $i = 1 To $installsteps[0][0]
MsgBox(1,'Status','Status of '&$installsteps[$i][0]&' is '&$Return)

Problem is that the string from the ini isn´t interpreted completely when i execute the corresponding step. The command isn´t "RunWait('msiexec.exe /i C:\Temp\someapp.msi /p')", it tries to run the command "as is", without filling in the @Scriptdir-variable.

Does someone know a way how to workaround this problem?

Best case would be to be able to write a whole line of autoit code into one line of the installsteps-section, like for example:

If @OSLANG=0407 Then Runwait('msiexec.exe /i '&@scriptdir&'\someapp.msi /Transforms='&@scriptdir&'\German_language.mst /q')
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You're thinking about it wrong. You don't want your script to be able to execute arbitrary code on whim.

I did something similar, use a delimiter and then read the ini file

step1=installer,exe,@Scriptdir&'\setup.exe /S'

step2=installer,msi,someapp.msi /q


Then loop through each section and parse each part of the string and pass on the parameters to an internally written function.

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