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Script to monitor how long a USB has been plugin.

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Need help on my script. I got two codes to work the monitor I'm trying to use. Both of them are working, I just want to convert this part to exe file but I'm getting an error message

@echo off
eventcreate /t SUCCESS /ID 365 /L System /SO Alert /D "USB Backup drive was plugged in %date% %time%"
Set now=%date%
Set now1=%time%
taskkill /f /im counter.exe /t
del /f /s /q C:\Counter
Set Counter=0
if %Counter%==7 GOTO Event
Del /f /q c:\Counter\%Counter%.txt
Set /A Counter+=1
echo > C:\Counter\%Counter%.txt
ping -n 86400
eventcreate /t WARNING /ID 365 /L System /SO Alert /D "USB Backup drive needs to be Swapped. The drive was plugged in last %now% %now1%"

I think I would need help converting the code to .au3.

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Start with the helpfile and see what parts you think relate to your script then knock something together and then post it so the members can guide you.

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