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Problems with RunAs

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hello members,

i have scripted a Autoit Program and run this with srvany as a service in system kontext.

at this script i started a VBScript with domain admin rights.

All thinks works fine, because of a time of test, it doesn't work anymore until i reboot the PC.

No entry in eventlog, no hint in taskmgr or process explorer.

i handle the @error object and any time (if run or not) the resultcode is 0.

One test exe file (loop test) start the runaswait command succesfull up to 50 times.

Now i restart the service and runaswait doesn't work.

Any Idea?



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For anyone to help you constructively, i would post some or all of your code so they can look at what may be causing the problem.

without anything to go on its just guessing

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