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Office Communicator Event Callback Parameters


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Hi I have this piece of code to show a MsgBox whenever a conversation window opens up in Office Communicator

I'm able to do this successfully so far, But I want to get the Members in the communicator Windows which just opened up.

Global $oOAppComm = ObjCreate("Communicator.UIAutomation")
Global $testComm = ObjEvent($oOAppComm, "oOApp_Comm_")
while 1
Func oOApp_Comm_OnIMWindowCreated($sOL_EntryId)
     MsgBox(64, "Communicator Event", "From : ") ;I want the member names here

I'm not able to find out how to handle $sOL_EntryId object thats been passed to oOApp_Comm_OnIMWindowCreated method.

Even If anyone can help me figure how to find the type of the object and the properties it has, It would greatly help me.

Any help appreciated !!


[font="Book Antiqua"]Thanks`A[/font]
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