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Create a nested structure

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Hi all.

I searched the forum for an answer to this matter but didn't find anything concrete.

I need to create a structure like this one in C++:

ZeroMemory(&ea, NUM_ACES * sizeof(EXPLICIT_ACCESS));
    // Set read access for Everyone.
    ea[0].grfAccessPermissions = GENERIC_READ;
    ea[0].grfAccessMode = SET_ACCESS;
    ea[0].grfInheritance = NO_INHERITANCE;
    ea[0].Trustee.TrusteeForm = TRUSTEE_IS_SID;
    ea[0].Trustee.TrusteeType = TRUSTEE_IS_WELL_KNOWN_GROUP;
    ea[0].Trustee.ptstrName = (LPTSTR) pSIDEveryone;

As you can see, it adds an aligned structure (Trustee) inside the main structure. Setting a pointer to the trustee struct as the member doesn't work, obviously.

Does anyone know how I can align the two nested structures?

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The help file says:

To use nested structures inside a structure you must re-define the nested structure. For example, a structure containing 2 POINT structures ("long;long") would be declared as "long;long;long;long". The first two long values correspond to the first POINT structure and the second two values correspond to the second POINT structure.

Wonder how I could use this to create the structure I mentioned above...

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