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can't send to Opera

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I found this excellent thread:

I downloaded MrCreatoR's Opera.au3 file and put it in my includes directory. I am trying to get an Autoit script started that works with Opera, my favorite browser.

The script is simple so far:

#include <Opera.au3>

; $result = FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Opera\Opera.EXE") ;

; MsgBox(0, "info", $result );

$MyProg = FileGetShortName(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Opera\Opera.EXE")

Run ($MyProg )

; WinWait("Blank Page - Opera","Favorites Command Ba")

; is not working

; _OpenGetURL("http://www.msn.com")


* * * *

I have included the comments so that I can discuss them. The FileExists function returned 1, as expected. Also, I have tried to get the _OpenGetURL method to work but it doesn't.

When I run the script a new tab is opened in Opera. However, I never see any keystrokes being sent to Opera from the au3 script. Does anyone have an idea why?


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btw, I'm running Opera 9.8, version 11.51.

thanks in advance.

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