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Drag'n drop URL onto an exe, use it as a "commandline" parameter ?

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Hello all,

In a same way using the $CmdLine[1] "parameter" in a script, is there a way to drag'n drop an URL (from Firefox URL bar) to an exe, so that, the exe identify it and I can deal with the URL ?

The $CmdLine[1] parameter does not handle drag'n drop of URLs...

I've found something interresting but when I drag'n drop the URL from Firefox, to the tab zone, a new file (with ".URL" extention) is created... I could handle this URL by reading the file content, but rather have an URL drag'ned drop onto my auto-it exe file (rather opening the exe to get the "tab zone"...)

Any clue ?

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(sorry for double-post)

Found a partial idea : run an autoit script to get the current FF URL (check leaving empty the $sURL field).

Still looking for the "Drag'n drop" solution...

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