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Passing commands to @Comspec - or use Service UDF's ?

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I have been trying to convert a process I use from a .bat into autoit using the Comspec call but cannot seem to get this to work. I have searched and tried numerous methods to no avail.

The .bat creates and registers a service (with domain credentials) and works every time - I'm just trying to streamline this into a EXE. I have tried two of the Service UDF's (Services.au3 + ServiceControl.au3) to no avail, nadda.

I don't know if Comspec is the best method but I'm trying to emulate it since the "bat" method works.

For the "bat" method I'm using the Windows "SC.EXE" app to register/configure. Works flawlessly on both XP and WIn7 x64 clients. We use Win7 x64 for all but a few XP wkst so it needs to run on both. Basically this util will run on all clients via a log in script => I'm reconfiguring the current service to run locally rather than on the network, so I'm deleting it and re-registering it - I know you can re-configure an existing service but that doesn't work either. Also part of the configuration is that it needs to set "auotmatic startup / domain acct with its password".

Current bat:

"K:\application\folder1\sc" config Myservice obj= "domain\admin" password= test >>service.log
"K:\application\folder1\sc" config Myservice start= auto >>service.log
NET start Myservice >>service.log

One of server Service udf commands I have tried:

$sServiceName = "MyService"
  _StopService("", $sServiceName)
;~ deletes service
  $servicename = "MyService"
  _DeleteService("", $servicename)
;~ Setting local service
  $servicename = "MyService"
  $sDisplayName = "MyService"
  $sBinaryPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Application\bin\MyService.exe"
  $sServiceUser = "domain\admin"
  $sPassword = "password"
;~ Creating local service
  _CreateService("", $servicename, $sDisplayName, $sBinaryPath, $sServiceUser, $sPassword)
;~ starts servcice
  $sServiceName = "Myservice"
  _StartService("", $sServiceName)
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