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Works only within SciTe

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This is my first one, I'm trying to convert a Take Command btm file to AutoIt.

The following code was written in SciTe, tested for syntax, and after figuring out all the quotes and & needed, I executed it from within SciTe: success! the metadata from the image file appeared in the clipboard viewer.

Compiling went fine, both from within SciTe and from the explorer context menu.

Executing the script from the context menu brings up the following message:

AutoIt Error

Line 21 (File "I:\Program Files\AutoIt3\My Tests\testdirectto_x.au3"):

Run(@ComSpec & " /c" & $program1 & $params1 & "@" & $file1 & " " & $file2 & " " & "|" & $program2 & $Params2)

Error: Unable to execute the external program.

A device attached to the system is not functioning.

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


; AutoIt Version:

; Author: Robert Foisy


; Script Function:

; Grab a full filename of an image passed by Thumbs Plus (not yet implemented)

; Run ExifList on an image file using a predetermined template to format the output

; The Exiflist syntax is "Exiflist /o t /s @templatefile.txt imagefile.jpg"

; Send the output text to NoteTab


; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start -

$Program1 = '"I:\Program Files\EXIFutils for Windows\exiflist.exe"'

$Params1 = " /o t /s "

$File1 = '"i:\photos\europe 2004 rejets\exiftest3\Shortlist.txt"'

$File2 = '"i:\photos\europe 2004 rejets\exiftest3\P1010220_ini.jpg"'

$Program2 = '"I:\Program Files\EXIFutils for Windows\DirectTo.exe"'

$Params2 = " /c"

Run(@ComSpec & " /c" & $program1 & $params1 & "@" & $file1 & " " & $file2 & " " & "|" & $program2 " " $Params2)


;The following at the command prompt of the DOS window sends the text to the clipboard:

;i:\program files\exifutils for windows>exiflist /o t /s @Shortlist.txt "I:\Photos\Europe 2004 rejets\Exiftest3\P1010220_ini.jpg" |directto.exe /c

Can anyone tell me what rules I am not applying properly?

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