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ZK Framework with AutoIT ?

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first , im not a hard core programmer . After autoit i am also interested in modern, but simple Webframeworks. Mostly i think, how it is possible to merge autoit with a modern Framework.

I take a try with the zk framework, an Opensource (#1) Web /Ajax Framework, for the desktop and mobile plattform.

It uses a xml like gui description and for logic it uses zscript (java). The good news is, it can be extended with other script languages.

It is possible to write a interpreter for a new language. Interpreters are exists for java like languages ,Java, Groovy, Ruby and Python, and Javascript.

For phyton it uses the jython implementation (phyton in java).

I dont now if it is essential to have a java implementation of the language, i hope no. One Point for an (possibly Autoit) interpreter that i have located, is the scope of variables, global or hierachical scope.

Can anyone from the advanced forumusers/developers take a look to check the possibility of creating an Interpreter script ?

Bennefits from ZK Framework we have :

amazing Web/Ajaxinterface (Eclipse WSIWIG - IDE for quickly GUI creating)

simply use Autoit as a web programming language, no new language to learn

the next step, if it is possible, write a eclipse plugin for AutoIT to seamless develop ZK and Autoit

look at this



If anyone can make this little wonder true, i will spend you a cd/dvd or a fine selected bottle of a mind blowing liquid, aka firewater.

in every case , i will kissing your black feet ;-)

if you work enthusiastic, nigthly on this "little" problem, i say it with leonidas words.... this night we dine in (programmer) hell ...

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