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System Server/Client


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This is a little system Client/Server.

In the client's first connection, it receive from the server a pre-authentication, content a 'separator', the string to split the datas in the future changes.

In the next packet the client send a UniqueID (the bios serial) and the name.

The server receive this datas, compare in database and add or update the datas in ListView.

In the ListView is show ID, Socket, IP, Name and Ping.

The client have a AutoClick, to automatization connect with the server, is a test tool only for statistics.


Have some bugs...

But in this moment is functional.

The script have a inspiration from


My notes.

a) the use of sqlite can sometimes lock the database, giving the impression that the program crashed ... I change the database to MySQL, I think about it, will no longer have this problem.

:D the fuction Clean UniqueID have problems, it delete from database, but have bug when delete data's ListView.

Server 0031.rar

Edited by detefon

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