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VIsion based page segmentation dll

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Hello! can someone please look at this dll http://www.zjucadcg.cn/dengcai/VIPS/VIPS.html and say if it can be integrated with autoit? What I found from the examples it consists of:








functions. I should to register it in the system with regsvr32 pageanalyzer.dll before using.

Then the sequence of calling should be Initialize -> Analyze4 where I should pass MFC Browser array. I found this from the source code placed on the site.


//Get the document

MSHTML::IHTMLDocument2Ptr pHTMLDoc = m_webBrowser.GetDocument();

m_iPDOC = 5;


MSXML2::IXMLDOMDocumentPtr pFOMPage = m_pLayoutAnalyzer->GetFOMPage();


The result should be saved to xml file. The Initialize function call passed ok, but I stumb against MFC Browser document.

What is _variant_t((long)m_iPDOC)? How do I get MSHTML::IHTMLDocument2Ptr pHTMLDoc from autoit?

Can someone say something about this library? Thank you!

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