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check and restart inet connection

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i am currently forced to use a mobile broadband stick for my internet, which works ok but drops out now and then.

i want to write a script to first check if it is connected, then connect if it has stopped. there is a connect automatically option but this

only seems to work when pc first starts and doesnt reconnect if disconnected. i tried plying with the tcp startup and look commands using the ip address, but amongst other things i noticed each time dongle logs iy has a different ip or there is a real chance im just doing it wrong. any one have any ideas?

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Hi, Kryptar. Actually restarting the Air Card really depends on the Service Provider, as well as the model of hardware. As it sounds as though you want this script to run in the SysTray and monitor, have you attempted to use a ping loop? Something like this might be a start:

While 1
  If @error Then
   ;Code to restart the Air Card service or application.
Sleep(30000) ;<--pause for 30 seconds.

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