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I developed a script to show IE object names and ID's.

AC Show IE objects v3.0.7.au3

I use another approach than Sean's Toolkit and GUI Inspector

- Toolkit

- GUI Inspector

I use Excel comments to show the IE object's name and ID,

in a transparent Excel window to allow visibility to the underlying Browser page.

At the same time, all this information is copied to a .txt file to allow for easy Copy and Paste.

I have added most Object types, but not all. For instance, I have not added Tables yet.

On the other hand, I added some UDF's for DIV objects.

Anyone likes it ?

I have run it under and beta (may be slower),

under Windows 7 enterprise and IE8.

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In this version v3.0.8, I improved the comments in the code.

AC Show IE objects v3.0.8.au3

I had to strip some of my additional DIV functions, to avoid exceeding my max upload limit.

I stripped the ones that are not hampering the script (look for them in v3.0.7),






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The following Excel piece of script is slower under the beta

$oExcel.Cells($Row, $Column).Comment.Text($str)

My other new Example script

Script line generator for Internet Explorer

that uses no Excel methods, runs smoothly.

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