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AutoIt & IE - Can't trigger ondlbclick

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I'm happily using AutoIt to export Oracle databases, perform data compares, log into my web application and AutoIt is working beautifully for me until I need to do a double click in the browser.

The following action won't work for me:

_IEAction($o_row, "ondblclick")

I receive:

IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IEAction, $_IEStatus_InvalidValue (Invalid Action)

Then I hoped I could just be sneaky and do this but of course not though my row does get selected so I know the object was found...

_IEAction($o_row, "onclick")

_IEAction($o_row, "onclick")

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

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By following the link you will see that ondblclick event can be invoked like this:

Click the left mouse button twice in rapid succession over an object. The user's double-click must occur within the time limit specified by the user's system.

That's different than for onclick:

  • Click the object.
  • Invoke the click method.
  • Press the ENTER key in a form.
  • Press the access key for a control.
  • Select an item in a combo box or list box by clicking the left mouse button or by pressing the arrow keys and then pressing the ENTER key.




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Hmm... turns out after some digging into the IE.au3 source file, dblclick isn't supported yet so I'll try to add it myself.

(While neither pretty nor efficient, I can trigger the double click by determining the x,y coordinates of the element I need to have doubleclicked, then perform MouseClick("left", x, y) twice. At least I'm not hardcoding the coordinates.)

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