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Installing Dameware Service in Windows 7 with UAC

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I need to push out a script to install the dameware mini remote service on machines running Windows 7 with UAC enabled (disabling UAC is not an option). I need the script to be able to be run by the user without elevating. User has write access to C:, so I created a temp directory, copied all files there, then tried to do the elevated part by using a RunAs @comspec. The problem is, it's not working at all. What am I missing here. The script just exits with no errors, but doesn't even create the directory.

Thanks for the help


;Copy files needed for Dameware NT Utilities
FileInstall("DNTUS26.exe", "C:\dwrcs\DNTUS26.exe")

;Copy files needed for Dameware Mini Remote
FileInstall("DWRCK.dll", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCK.dll")
FileInstall("DWRCRSS.dll", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCRSS.dll")
FileInstall("DWRCS.exe", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCS.exe")
FileInstall("DWRCSET.dll", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCSET.dll")
FileInstall("DWRCSh.dll", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCSh.dll")
FileInstall("DWRCST.exe", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCST.exe")
FileInstall("DWRCWXL.dll", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCWXL.dll")

;Copy files needed for FIPS modules
FileInstall("ccme_base.dll", "C:\dwrcs\ccme_base.dll")
FileInstall("ccme_ecc.dll", "C:\dwrcs\ccme_ecc.dll")
FileInstall("ccme_eccaccel.dll", "C:\dwrcs\ccme_eccaccel.dll")
FileInstall("ccme_eccnistaccel.dll", "C:\dwrcs\ccme_eccnistaccel.dll")
FileInstall("cryptocme2.dll", "C:\dwrcs\cryptocme2.dll")
FileInstall("cryptocme2.sig", "C:\dwrcs\cryptocme2.sig")
FileInstall("DWRCRSA.dll", "C:\dwrcs\DWRCRSA.dll")

;Move files to proper directories and install services
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "mkdir C:\Windows\dwrcs")
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "copy C:\dwrcs\*.* C:\Windows\dwrcs")
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "move C:\Windows\dwrcs\DNTUS26.exe C:\Windows\system32 /Y")
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "C:\Windows\dwrcs\DWRCS.exe -install")
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "C:\Windows\system32\DNTUS26.exe -install")

;Start services
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "net start DWMRCS")
RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "net start DNTUS26")

DirRemove("C:\dwrcs", 1)
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Can't you install the files from the DameWare console to the target machines?

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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No for some reason it doesn't work in Windows 7 (at least not with our combination of GPO, settings, etc). In XP, as soon as you tried to connect to the target, it would detect if the service was installed or not and install it if needed.

Now, the only way we could get it to connect is if the service is installed beforehand and already running. Hence the need to script the service install.

If you know another way I can try from the dameware console, I am open to suggestions.

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for one thing, your script is wrong...

RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & "mkdir C:Windowsdwrcs")

should be

RunAs("admin", @ComputerName, "passwords", 0, @ComSpec & " /c mkdir C:Windowsdwrcs")

However, I think that even if you correct that it will not work. I have tried to solve the exact same

problem for registering a program in Windows 7. All error returns are 0, but it does not do anything.

Is there anybody who has ever gotten AutoIt RunAs to work with admin priviledges on Windows 7?

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